Connected Home

Hearing about the connected home and Internet of Things and want to get involved? Maybe you want to automate some part of your life such as lighting or irrigation. Anscomp can put together a system that not only works for you today, but can grow with your needs in the future. From smart thermostats to connected deadbolts and everything in between, Anscomp can do it all.

Connected homes allow you to turn devices on or off from your phone or with your voice. Leave your thermostat on the default setting when you’re on vacation? No sweat, just adjust it from your phone. Want to turn on the front porch lights before you get home? Again, just open up the app and make it so. 2016-07-12-1468314021-5633148-internetofthingsYou can even play music with just a voice command. Imagine expecting a visitor at your house while you’re away. You can talk to them via video and unlock the deadbolt after verifying their identity.

If you’re concerned about efficiency, a connected home can automate heat and A/C settings, turn lights off when you leave as well as lower blinds when it’s sunny in the summer. Smart irrigation controllers can monitor soil moisture, and determine the best time to water based on weather predictions, so there is no more watering during a rain storm. This all saves money and eliminates unnecessary waste. Payback periods can be as short as 1 year.